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                                       Frequently Asked Questions

1. GTA 1
2. Hidden Interiors
3. Easter Eggs
4. Glitches
5. My Videos

1.                                                   GTA 1

Q: Why does GTA 1 lags when you record?
A: Because of the old version of Fraps. (2.9) Now I got the newest version and it doesnt lag anymore.

Q: Is your PC too slow for GTA 1?
A: No it isnt. It just lags when I'm recording with old version of Fraps.

Q: Where did you get GTA1?
A: From Rockstar Games Offical page (legal).

Q: What are 'extra' missions?
A: This type of mission starts by entering a specific vehicle

Q: What are 'special' missions?
A: This type of mission starts right after attemping a mission.

2.                                           HIDDEN INTERIORS

Q: What are Hidden Interiors?
A: Hidden Interiors are enterable places like ZIP, Binco, 24/7 etc. But there are also some really hidden interriors like Ryders house, Woozies Office, Francis Intl. Airport etc.

Q: How do I get into the Hidden Interiors?
A: Some are enterable easily by going on the yellow marker to enter in others you must take an indirection through the Hidden Interiors Universe (Blue Hell).

Q: How do I get into the Hidden Interiors Universe? (Blue Hell)
A: By using the Ganton Gym Glitch. Just search on Google for it.

Q: Are all Hidden Interiors enterable by using the Ganton Gym glitch?
A: No, not all of them. To enter into some you must use a trainer (PC) or a Cheating module (PS2,PS3,PSP,XBOX/360). In the beginning of my videos there are advices when I used a trainer.

Q: Does the Ganton Gym glitch or entering Hidden Interiors by trainer or Cheating module damage my save file?
A: Ganton Gym glitch: No. Trainer/Cheating module: I dont know.


3.                                               EASTER EGGS

Q: What are Easter Eggs?
A: Easter eggs are funny stuff, jokes, secrets or just weird things which were made aware by the programmers. And remember: Glitches and Bugs arent Easter Eggs.

4.                                                  GLITCHES

Q: What is the difference between glitches and bugs?
A: Glitches are some bigger mistakes like entering Blue Hell by glitches and bugs are little mistakes like misplaced objects.

Q: Why some glitches doesnt work although you written that it works on PS2/PC/XBOX?
A: If it doesnt work then you have a fixed version of the game.

Q: How do you spawn a Go Kart, Rustler or Mountain Bike in you glitch videos?
A: I used Crazy Trainer +151 to spawn them.

5.                                                 MY VIDEOS

Q: Which programm do you use to edit our videos?
A: Windows Movie Maker

Q: Which programm do you use to capture your videos?
A: Fraps

Q: Where did you get the songs in some videos?
A: They are just from AudioSwap.